Apply to ELP

Open Enrollment Booking Calendar РOpen Enrollment for the Fort Ross Environmental Living Program (ELP/ELDP) starts April 15th at 7:00 a.m.  Applications submitted before April 15th for the following school year will not be considered. All applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and according to space availability. If a school has multiple classes coming, each teacher must fill out his or her own reservation form.

Class Size РReservations will be granted for one program for one class, or two classes if the total number of students is 40 or fewer. Teachers who team-teach will need to split the class into two groups, if the two classes total more than forty students; each teacher will have to submit a separate application. Teachers who team-teach a total student count fewer than forty may apply using one application. For more information see our Teachers Get Ready  page.

Teacher in Charge – Each class must have a teacher on site that has completed the Fort Ross ELP Teacher Training in order to participate in the overnight or day program. The teacher on the reservation form must be the teacher on site for the program — absolutely no substitutions are allowed. Reservations are issued to an individual teacher and are not transferable between teachers. The teacher and all parents must stay on site throughout the entire ELP session.