Artisans Lantern Project

Follow these instructions to make a mini tin copper lantern at Settlement Ross.

Materials and Equipment Needed-

  • 10” by 10” sheet of thin, 20 gauge copper/tin
  • Metal cutter 
  • Hole puncher 
  • Nail for hole puncturing
  • Hook and Chain
  • Tea Candle
  • Mallet (provided by Fort Ross)

Procedure –

  • Cut an equilateral triangle (each side 9 inches long) out of copper or tin
  • Punch holes at the corners with a hole puncher
  • Puncture holes with a nail to create designs (stars, spirals, your name, etc) on the outer triangles
  • Fold along the “fold” lines to make a pyramid
  • Place a tea candle at the bottom
  • Attach the hook and the chain through the punched out corner holes. You will have to undo the hook to light your candle


Caution – Copper/tin edges can be sharp and surfaces will get hot while in use

Note – You may cut out the triangles and punch out the corner holes before your arrival at the fort