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Cooks Role Play Characters

Cooks Role Play Characters

Role play is a big part of the environmental living program experience. To make the most of your program, here is a list of real people who were at Colony Ross, including short biographies of what we know about their lives. All officers and employees in the Cook Role Group should choose one of the following people out of the history pages of Colony Ross to role-play while on site. Remember to have fun and ‘role’ with it!

Olga (Ol’ga) – A Kodiak- Wife of Naneshkun Avvakum (a Kodiak) died August 1820. It is not known how she died.

Ayumin Mar’ya – A Kashia – She had a daughter, Maria, with the Russian Promyshlennik named Rodion Koroliov. He died December 9, 1820 of “some disease.” Ayumin and Maria returned to Ayumin’s native village near Ross after his death.

Ukayla – A Coast Miwok – Living with Kili Fedor, a Kodiak.

Mit’ya (Meet’ya) – A Kashia – Married to Aniehta Nikolai, a Kodiak. They had one son, Chanian Vissarion.

Kobbeya – A Southern Pomo – she had lived along the Russian River. She married Agchyaesikok Roman, a Kodiak. They may have lived in the Alaskan neighborhood out on the front terrace. They had a son, Kiochan Mitrofah. Kobbeya returned to her home and people along the Russian River in 1820. The father raised the young boy, until the father drowned. A Kodiak, Alexey Chaniguchi, was said to have raised the boy.

Vaimpo – A Coast Miwok – He worked at Ross in 1820 to pay off obligations to the Company.

Chichamik – A Coast Miwok – He worked at Ross in 1820 to pay off obligations to the Company.

Kapisha – A Coast Miwok – He worked on the Farallones to pay off obligations to the Company.

Iik – A Kashia – He worked of his own free will in the kitchen.