Creole Privileges

Russian American Company Regulations and Privileges of Creoles — mixed Russian and Native Blood, February 28, 1822.

  • Creoles will be encouraged not to follow savage ways
  • Creoles who are not legitimized are citizens of the colonies and are therefore Russian subjects. They have all the rights of laws and must obey them
  • Creoles must apply, in writing, to the Company Office in order to change residence. Transferring residences without permission will lead to a charge of vagrancy.
  • Education: 
    • Creoles are obliged to the company for their education and must serve the company for twenty-nine years. 
    • Creoles educated to a craft at Company expense will fit into the following categories:
      • From birth to age 16 they will be treated as apprentices.
      • From ages 16 to 20 they will be assigned to occupations and will be provided with the necessities appropriate to the positions they occupy.
  • Compensation:
    • From ages 20 to 29 they are to receive salaries from $50.00 to $175.00 per year including clothing and food. 
    • Each Creole will receive 1/2 to 1 pound flour per month free.
  • Rank: 
    • Creoles educated to an art or science will be treated as students:
      • Each pupil will receive: one set warm gray woolen clothing, one set summer clothing made of ticking, 3 fur hats, 3 lined shirts, one cap, one set leggings.
      • Each student will receive 10 pounds flour per month, five pounds of groats per month, and five pounds peas per month.
      • Each student will receive necessary ink, pencils, etc.
    • Creoles in the Company Service can become clerks or office managers.
    • Creoles in the Company Service can, in special cases, be given privileges and titles.


             Those Creoles Who Do Not Enter Company Service

  • Those Creoles not in Company Service may go in hunting expeditions with their relatives, but they must participate according to the rules.
  • Those Creoles not in Company Service must not ask the company for assistance in food, clothing or other privileges.
  • A charge of laziness or vagrancy on the part of Creoles not in the Company Service will result in one year’s service.
  • Those Creoles not in Company Service will be granted free medical care in an emergency.