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Environmental Living Day Program

Environmental Living Day Program

An Environmental Living Day Program (ELDP) is for those classes that wish to come for one full day, not overnight.

It is expected that you study the ELP curriculum in the classroom, and that your class comes to Metini / Fort Ross ready to do your projects. Groups doing a day program should follow the regular overnight ELP webpages and guidelines in order to familiarize and prepare for their onsite program. Start with the Teachers Get Ready! web page to get your preparations off on the right foot!

Teachers who are new to the Fort Ross ELP or ELDP must complete the ELP Teacher Training before their onsite program. In addition, teachers must attend an ELP Teacher Training every four years.

Please see our ELDP sample schedules and arrival information. Please note you may stay in the fort until 4 PM at the very latest.

The fee is $22.00 per person, which includes students and parents. There is no charge for the lead teacher.

Teachers follow the information and links on the Teachers Get Ready! webpage to prepare for your ELDP. Parents follow the information and links on the Parents Get Ready! webpage.

We look forward to working with you and your students.