ELP/ELDP Field Trip Letter

Teachers, feel free to print this letter to send out to your students parents, grandparents, guardians or other volunteers.

ELP Field Trip Letter Printable PDF – version 9.26.17


Dear Parents, Grandparents and Volunteers,

We have been invited to attend Fort Ross Conservancy’s Environmental Living Program (ELP). “Environmental Living” as the name implies, is a day or an overnight experience for children that takes place at a cultural, historic, prehistoric, or natural site that represents the interaction and interdependency of people and their environment. It relies heavily on pre-site explorations and preparations, role-playing and problem solving.

School children take on the characters and activities of the past in order to “live history.” By acting like a character from the past and doing the activities that character would have done, children become more acutely aware of the historic environment as well as their own.
In both environments, they can and will need to solve many problems. The emphasis of the program is on self-learning. Through role-play and hands-on historical activities, children learn that the characters in history books are people just like them. They can gain a personal relationship to history. The ELP is an experience that the students will remember throughout their lives.

Your enthusiasm, creativity and pre-site planning will inspire the students’ interest and give them the unforgettable learning experience that the Fort Ross ELP can provide. To make this trip a success we must have your help. Please check the areas where you might be most helpful to our program. Put an “A” for first choice and a “B: for second choice. We can only take 14 parents on the actual trip. Help is needed in the classroom as well.

Role Groups:

  • Cooks
  • Clerks
  • Gardeners
  • Militia
  • Hunters
  • Artisans

Other useful skill:

  • Seamstress
  • Carpenter
  • Fisherman/woman
  • Russian speaker
  • Photographer/video
  • Naturalist
  • Basket maker
  • Singer or dancer
  • Artist
  • Map maker
  • I’d prefer Work in classroom
  • Metal worker
  • Other: I have ideas to share