Gardeners Historical Tools


Agriculture was expanded at Fort Ross under Manager Karl Schmidt from 1821 to 1825. Agricultural implements made under his direction were equal to the best European standards. The Russians were better supplied with farm implements than were their Spanish neighbors. Their plows surpassed those used elsewhere in Alta California for many years. The  Spanish in California were impressed by the windmills.

 Sketch of the Chernykh Ranch by I.G. Voznesenskii, 1841.

1841 Inventory – 

  • 1 steel machine for clearing wheat
  • 26 horse-drawn plows
  • 19 ox-drawn plows
  • 1 rake with steel teeth
  • 10 rakes with wooden teeth
  • 5 carts with 4 wheels
  • 10 carts with 2 wheels
  • Wooden threshing floors