Gardeners Planting

Plant according to the season – Here’s a guide for which crops to plant depending on when you will be at Fort Ross. These are good staples to choose from. 

Fall –
Late cabbage varieties, lettuce, peas, spinach, beets, turnips, carrots, potatoes, radishes, onions, garlic, flower bulbs

Winter –
Garlic, lettuce, onion transplants, spinach, radishes

Spring –
Beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, lemon cucumbers, dill, cilantro, peppers, lettuce, onion seed, potatoes, squash, flower seeds and bulbs

Equipment Available for Gardeners –

  • Rakes
  • Shovels, spades
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Yokes for carrying water buckets
  • Water buckets
  • Reed and tools for basket making. (Instructions for basket-weaving will be provided)
  • Straw bales for mulch (when available)

Gardeners Should Bring – Review the seasonal vegetable planting lists to plan on what seeds, bulbs and/or plants to bring for planting in the Colony Ross garden. Also consider bringing historically relevant perennials to plant inside and along the perimeter of the garden, to help maintain the garden’s appearance throughout the seasons. You might consider planting tobacco, a crop that was commonly grown at Colony Ross. If you are planting perennials please make sure they are non-invasive and native.

  • Seeds
  • Bulbs or plants
  • Organic (non-chemical) fertilizer for your garden
  • Materials to make your company’s sign