Gardeners Role Group

Gardeners Role Group

Please note when selecting role groups, the Gatherers group is an alternative to the Gardeners — you cannot have both groups!

Welcome to the Fort Ross Garden! One of the main objectives in establishing the Ross Colony was to grow food to feed the Alaskan settlements. Gardening was so important that specialists were sent to the colony to help increase productivity. Overseen by Russians, the labor was largely carried out by the Kashia Pomo and Coast Miwok people, some of whom lived at Settlement Ross with the Russians.

As gardeners, you are responsible for planting, caring for and gathering food from the garden.

Gardeners Classroom Preparation –

  • The Kashia Pomo and Coast Miwok peoples were an integral part of the Ross settlement. Study their lifestyle. What was it like before Europeans came to California?
  • How were the Indian people treated at Fort Ross?
  • Find out what crops were produced at Settlement Ross and compare Mission and Russian agriculture
  • Research what kinds of plants grew in the area
  • Plan and prepare for your gardening at Colony Ross – planting a garden area with new seedlings, mulching around established plants, weeding invasive species, harvesting usable herbs and vegetables, watering the whole garden as needed
  • Plant garden area with new seedlings, mulch around established plants, weed invasive species, harvest usable herbs and vegetables
  • Make a banner for your group (optional)
  • Please do not use plastic plant ID markers

Gardeners Classroom Preparation and Onsite Activities –

Gardeners Additional Information –