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Gatherers Onsite Task List

Gatherers Onsite Task List

Tasks –

  • Following lunch, meet with your ELP Instructor to receive project gear, such as for the Acorn or Cordage Project from the Magazin
  • Complete your gatherer project(s). Coordinate as needed with the Cooks if you are doing the Acorn Project
  • Use your Nature Journal to make a record of the plants you successfully identify and their location — Reef hike, inside Fort, outside Fort, time of year, etc. Share with your fellow voyagers what you recognize and what you know about the plant. What is it used for? Is it poisonous? You may also do leaf printing with gathered non-toxic fallen leaves at Colony Ross
  • Share any Songs and Stories you’ve created to honor your environment (in classroom prep)
  • If you have time, harvest any garden vegetables that are ready and take to the cooks. Know your edibles when you use the plants from the garden, only harvest plants that you know to be safe with 100% certainty!
  • (Optional) Carefully harvest small amounts of seaweed from Fort Ross Cove. Officers should check seaweed regulations before coming to Colony Ross. Check in with your ELP Instructor and let them know you’ll be gathering seaweed before going to the cove!
  • Take out Compost after dinner and before your Company leaves. Thoroughly clean and dry compost tub and return to the ELP closet after the last Company meal at Ross
  • Move personal sleeping gear into the Chapel back vestibule – only at the scheduled time!
  • Know your Night Watch and morning clean up duties

Rules and Responsibilities –

  • Follow the Officers’ instructions at all times
  • Obey all safety rules
  • At Colony Ross you can only collect plants from the ELP garden
  • Clean up your work area and tools. Put tools back into Magazin closet, clean and dry

Night watch – Check schedule.  Wake up Hunters in the eight-sided Blockhouse, or as specified by the Commandant.


Morning Responsibilities – 

  • For groups doing the Acorn Project — finish preparing your acorn meal and cook it for Breakfast
  • Pack personal gear, sweep and thoroughly clear out your sleeping quarters and make ready for the day’s Park visitors
  • Take out Compost before Company departure. Wash tub with soap and water, and return dry to closet
  • If your group is finished but the clean up isn’t finished find out how you can help
    • Help make sure all Fort gear is clean and DRY. Help carry all dried Fort gear to ELP closet in the Officers’ Barracks, and put in right place
    • Remove litter, make sure wax is off tables and floors. Wash down and dry tablecloths. Ask your ELP Instructor whether the tablecloths should be folded and fold as needed
  • Fort Litter Pick Up – All groups line up shoulder to shoulder and walk the inside of the  fort for a full Fort cleanup

Fill in your character names below –

Gatherer Officers –                                                      


Gatherer Employees –