Kashia Treaty

Kashia Treaty

Treaty between the Russian-American Company and the Kashia Pomo Indians, ceding land for Fort Ross.

On September 22, 1817, the Indian chiefs, Chu-gu-an, Amat-tan, Gem-le-le and others, appeared at Fort Ross by invitation. Their greeting, as translated, extended their thanks for the invitation.

Captain Lieutenant Hagemeister expressed gratitude to them in the name of the Russian-American Company for ceding to the Company land for a fort, buildings and enterprises, in regions belonging to Chu-gu-an, [land] which the inhabitants call Med-eny-ny. [Hagemeister] said he hoped they would not have reason to regret having the Russians as neighbors.

Having heard [what was] translated for him, Chu-gu-an and a second, Amattan, whose dwelling was also not far off, replied, “We are very satisfied with the occupation of this place by the Russians, because we now live in safety from other Indians, who formerly would attack us and this security began only from the time of [the Russian] settlement.”

After this friendly response, gifts were presented to the Toion and the others: and to the Chief, Chu-gu-an, a silver medal was entrusted, ornamented with the Imperial Russian seal and the inscription “allies [soiuznye] of Russia” and it was stated that this [medal] entitles him to receive respect from the Russians, and for that reason he should not come to them without the medal. It also imposes on him the obligation of loyalty and assistance, in case this is needed. In response to that he and the others declared their readiness and expressed their gratitude for the reception.

After the hospitality, when [the Indians] departed from the fort, a one-gun salute was fired in honor of the chief Toion.

We, the undersigned, hereby testify that in our presence the chief Toion responded in exactly this way.

Navy Captain-Lieutenant and Cavalier Hagemeister

Staff doctor and Court Counselor Kerner

Commerce Counselor and Administrator of Fort Ross Ivan Kuskov

Assistant Navigator 14th class [Ivan M.] Kislakovskii

Company Agent Kirill Khlebnikov

Commercial Navigator Prokofii Tumanin