Militia Onsite Task List

Tasks –

  • Check passes at the fort gate. Flag raising ceremony.
  • Kitchen duty – Start cooking fire. Fill large spider pot with water. Start fire under large spider pot for dishwater. Fill wash tubs halfway with cold water big pots, carry wood from woodpile. Do not put wash tubs on the fire to heat water. Fires should be started with Officer-Adults.
  • Meet with the ELP Instructor for talk, instructions and to receive gear.
  • Patrol fort, inspect passes, and respectfully make sure everybody is following company rules. Check in at kitchen from time to time to be sure they have all they need
  • Inventory cannons. Learn musket name (1800 Charleyville Smooth-bore Flintlock Muzzle-loading musket)
  • Rope making – We supply instructions and materials (optional, takes about half hour)
  • Make map of fort – Pace to scale; draw in buildings, burn edges for aging (optional)
  • Move personal sleeping gear into Northwest Blockhouse – only at the scheduled time!
  • Know your night watch and morning schedule and responsibilities
  • Flag lowering ceremony at end of service, plan and execute
  • Evening kitchen duty – wash ALL communal dishes
  • The fort is strongly guarded. Everyone relies on the militia, who must be attentive at all times. The militia may post themselves at the main gate. The Militia is responsible for checking on any sort of commotion, quarrel or disorder. An immediate report must be made to the Manager detailing what happened during the disturbance. The Manager decides on the proper punishment, such as taking away rubles from an employee’s pay or assigning extra chores.
  • The Campfire – Use only the fire pit in the compound to make fires. The fire should be no larger than is necessary for cooking and keeping warm. Before leaving the area, be sure the fire is completely out. Pick up any debris such as foil from in and around the fire pits.
  • Axe or Hatchet – An axe or hatchet is made for chopping or splitting wood and should be used for that purpose only.  Before using such a tool, it should be checked carefully to be sure that the head of the tool is securely fastened to the handle and that the handle is firm and sound with no cracks or splits.  Any person chopping wood should maintain a six-to eight-foot circle around him/herself in which no other person may stand. Adult supervision is mandatory during wood-chopping activities. The woodcutter’s own feet and knees should be well away from the swing of the axe. Axes can be dangerous tools — make sure anyone using one has been well briefed on their safe use!     
  • Military Commands –
    Smirna! — Attention or fall in line                                        Plee! – Fire musket Dress Right Dress
    Sha gam Marsh’! —  Forward march                             Agon! – Fire cannon Right face, Left face
    Stoi! – Stop                                                                                   Val’no! – At ease About face

      LEV’oy, LEV’oy, LEV’oy – Left, left, left (repeat in march time)

Rules and Responsibilities –

  • Follow the Officers’ instructions at all times
  • Obey all safety rules
  • Militia are responsible for their weapons and gear at ALL times

Night Watch – Check schedule. Wake up Cooks in front of the Kuskov house for breakfast, or as specified by the Commandant.

Morning Responsibilities –

  • Make sure the fires are ready for the cooks and the washing station is set up once more
  • Pack personal gear and sweep Northwest Blockhouse. Make sure it’s completely cleared out.
  • Inspect all buildings to make sure they are cleared out and well-swept
  • Re-stack woodpile as directed by ELP Instructor. Rake around woodpile, fire pits, three legged pot, and pick up any trash that is in the fire pits, clean off fire pit rocks. Return gear to closet.
  • Check for wax and litter in fort compound and clean any that you find
  • If your group is finished and another is not, find out how you can help
  • Fort Litter Pick Up – All groups line up shoulder to shoulder and walk the inside of the fort for a full fort cleanup

Fill in your character names below –


Militia Officers –                                                                                                       



Militia Employees –