Militia Role Group

As the Fort Ross militia, you are responsible for the defense and safety of the Fort as well as the maintenance of order among the inhabitants. Remember though, the role of the militia is protection and aid–not aggression. The example you set for the others is of prime importance. The fort is strongly guarded. Everyone relies on the militia because the militia is attentive at all times. The militia shall be responsible for their weapons at all times. The militia may post themselves at the main gate. The militia shall inspect the passes of those wanting to enter. Passes should be made as a part of classroom role-development and should be carried by the students at all times.  The Militia is also responsible for checking on any sort of commotion, quarrel or disorder. An immediate report must be made to the manager detailing what happened during the disturbance. The Manager decides on the proper punishment, such as taking away rubles from an employee’s pay or assigning extra chores.

Militia Classroom Preparation –

  • Meet with the class as a whole and prepare a list of rules and regulations for the governance and safety of Fort Ross and discuss what is to be done about infractions
  • When assigning parents to the Militia Role Group, make sure at least one adult is very fire savvy — they should know how to start a fire, keep it going and ongoing fire safety
  • Practice marching
  • Optional: Design and make a flag for your class — otherwise borrow the Fort’s flag.
  • Study the Flag Raising and Lowering Ceremony
  • Optional: Make a group banner

Militia Classroom Preparation and Onsite Activities –

General Information, Rules and Expectations – Please read through this carefully

Militia Role Play Characters – Use this list to select your role play characters

Militia Flag Ceremony & Flag Making Activity – Use this to prepare for the flag ceremonies carried out by the Militia during your ELP

Militia Rope Making ActivityLearn how to make rope at Fort Ross on the rope machine

Militia Onsite Task List – An essential list of your tasks and responsibilities

Night Watch – Night Watch is mandatory, read all about it!

Items to Bring – A list of items to bring…Check it twice!

Russian American Company Travel Permit – Don’t forget your papers, to gain entrance to the Fort


Militia Additional Information –

Brief History and Walking Tour – Learn about the history, buildings and grounds of Fort Ross

Militia Settlement Defense – A primary document regarding defense of the Fort and gunpowder use

Creole Privileges – Read this to learn about the RAC’s historic regulations and privileges regarding Creoles

Militia Flint and Steel History – Learn about the history of making fires from a tinderbox