Militia Role Group

PLEASE NOTE the following important updates to the Militia Role Group starting the 2019-2020 season: 

We will continue to offer the Militia onsite lessons that focus on weapons and defense of the Fort for schools that want to continue using this model. However, historically, Colony Ross was a center for trade and no battles were fought here. To honor this, we are now offering another Militia option for schools that want to focus on lessons that are more aligned with the daily activities that officers were tasked with. For both options, the Militia is responsible for the defense and safety of the Fort and Colony Ross’ inhabitants. Militia is responsible for the raising and lowering of the flag and checking the permits for those wanting to enter the Fort. Please review the two options below and use the Militia Onsite Task List to choose which option will work best for your Company. When your ELP Instructor contacts you, please let him/her know which militia option you will be using. Spasee’ba (thank you)!

Militia Option #1 – Defense and Weaponry Duties

Everyone relies on the militia to be responsible, helpful and skilled. Your role is protection and aid–not aggression. The example you set for the others is of prime importance. You are attentive at all times. 

You shall visit the armory and learn about the weaponry. As defenders of the Fort you shall check out approved weapons and gear. Your ELP Instructor will give you a safety talk that includes strict rules about handling your weapons and gear. You shall take a Company census. You shall inspect the passes of those wanting to enter the Fort. Passes should be made by the whole Company as a part of classroom role development and should be carried by all colony inhabitants at all times. Review the Militia Onsite Task List for a full list of Militia duties.

Militia Option #2 – RAC Management and Naval Skills

Ross is a peaceful trade colony. Although you will not fight any battles here, you will provide a comforting feeling of safety and service. You will help manage the settlement’s daily activities by taking the Company Census and by ensuring all who enter the gates have the proper permits. Permits should be made by the whole Company as a part of classroom role development and should be carried by all colony inhabitants at all times. You may also ring the bell to let the Company know All is Well, and provide everyone with a sense of where they are in their day’s activities. You will practice your rope making skills, play a ring toss game with your new ropes, and if time allows you may practice tying knots and mapping the Fort. Review the Militia Onsite Task List for a full list of Militia duties.

Militia Classroom Preparation –

  • When assigning parents to the Militia Role Group, make sure at least one adult is very fire savvy — they should know how to start a fire, keep it going and fire safety
  • Practice marching
  • Study the Flag Raising and Lowering Ceremony
  • (Optional) Design and make a flag for your class — otherwise borrow the Fort’s flag
  • (Optional) Make a group banner

Militia Classroom Preparation and Onsite Activities –

General Information, Rules and Expectations – Please read through this carefully

Militia Role Play Characters – Use this list to select your role play characters

Militia Flag Ceremony & Flag Making Activity – Use this to prepare for the flag ceremonies carried out by the Militia during your ELP

Militia Rope Making ActivityLearn how to make rope at Fort Ross on the rope machine

Militia Projects at Colony Ross – Here is a list of projects for the Militia while they are at Colony Ross. 

Militia Onsite Task List – An essential list of your tasks and responsibilities

Night Watch – Night Watch is mandatory, read all about it!

Items to Bring – A list of items to bring…Check it twice!

Russian American Company Travel Permits – Don’t forget your papers, to gain entrance to the Fort


Militia Additional Information –

Brief History and Walking Tour – Learn about the history, buildings and grounds of Fort Ross

Militia Settlement Defense – A primary document regarding defense of the Fort and gunpowder use

Creole Privileges – Read this to learn about the RAC’s historic regulations and privileges regarding Creoles

Militia Flint and Steel History – Learn about the history of making fires from a tinderbox

Historic Census Record – Militia can review the historic Colony Ross census records from 1820