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Militia Role Play Characters

Militia Role Play Characters

Role play is a big part of the environmental living program experience. To make the most of your program, here is a list of real people who were at Colony Ross, including short biographies of what we know about their lives. All officers and employees in the Militia Role Group should choose one of the following people out of the history pages of Colony Ross to role-play while on site. Remember to have fun and ‘role’ with it!

Mikhail Karlovich Kiukhelbeker (Mik-hai-el’ Karl’o-vich Kiukh’el-bek-er) – A Russian naval officer.

Otto Evstafevich Kotzebue (Ot’to Yev-staf’e- vich Kotz’e-bue) –  A Russian naval officer.

Efim Petrovich Petrov (E-feem’ Pe-tro’vich Pe-trov’) – A Russian navigator.

Anikievich Podushkin (An-i-kee’e-vich Po- dush’kin) – A Russian – A naval officer who went to Monterey to negotiate release of several Aleuts from prison.

Stepan Vasilevich Voevodskii (Ste-pahn’ Va-seel’e-vich Vo-yev-od’skii) – A Russian- Born in 1805.  In 1818 he entered naval cadet corps.  Naval Officer for the RAC in 1834. Commander of several sloops for the RAC between 1835 and 1841. In 1840 he left Sitka with a cargo of furs. Fort Ross was one of his stops as they traveled on to Kronshtadt. He carried on with RAC service becoming an officer of 1st Rank. From 1854 to 1859 he was Chief Manager in Alaska. He was in military service until at least 1880. He made Admiral. He died in September 1884.

Vasilii Stepanovich Zavoiko (Vah-seel’ee Ste-pahn’o-vich Zah-voi’ko) – A Russian Born in 1809 of a noble family. Educated in the naval cadet corps. He sailed to the Russian American Colonies after several years in service with the navy. In 1835 he arrived at Bodega and traveled by horseback to the Ross settlement. They stayed the night at the Kostromitinov ranch with Efim Munin in charge. They only stayed at Ross for two nights.

Engineer – Technologist Peter Andreevich Andreev (Pyo’ter An- drey’ye-vich An-drey’yev) – A Creole, born at Fort Ross. He was sent to Russia for education at the St. Petersburg Technological Institute. When he completed his studies in 1860 he was sent to Sitka to work. While in his position there he traveled to San Francisco to examine factories and shops for future trade relations.

Medical Assistant or Fel’dsher Vasilii Kalugin (Vah-seel’ee Ka-lug’een) – A Russian- He sailed on the ship Urup from Okhotsk in September 1831. He was then sent to the Ross settlement on the ship Chichagov. He was to treat the sick and gather plants, herbs, and other natural specimens for use in Sitka. He was put under arrest while at Ross. The reason for the arrest is not known. However, in 1835 he was still listed as the chief fel’dsher in the hospital at Ross.