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ELP Parent Meeting Agenda

ELP Parent Meeting Agenda

Handouts for the parents -

  • Activity Group webpage printouts, e.g. parents working with the Hunters Activity Group will be handed the Hunters Activity Group pages from the website.
  • Printouts of any other section of this website which parents are using to assist with preparation.

1. What is a Fort Ross Environmental Living Program (ELP) all about?

  • Discuss the ELP philosophy – the value, the learning experience, etc
  • Discuss Group activities – Cooks, Militia, Clerks, Hunters, Artisans and Farmers & Gatherers
  • Overall schedule – Hand out sample schedules
  • Discuss night time activities and Night Watch

2. What do we need from parents in advance of the Metini / Fort Ross visit?

  • Discuss the importance for parents to encourage research, enthusiasm, and curiosity in all the kids coming on the ELP
  • Share special skills – Kashia, Russian, and Alaska Native peoples, etc languages, music, dances, and cooking
  • Assign Activity Group Parent Leads who will be working with the students to plan for the trip, e.g. menu planning, crafts projects, etc
  • Go over the individual Activity Aroups with the assigned Parent Leads

3. What do we need from parents during the onsite visit?

  • Go over the roles and responsibilities of parents
  • Transportation and logistics – arrival scenario, rainy day schedule
  • Help with cleanup

4. Questions and Answers

5. Schedule the next Parent Meeting