ELP Planning Essentials

It is important to remember, it is you, the teacher and parents, who make the ELP work. Your enthusiasm, creative interest, and pre-site planning will inspire the students’ interest and give them the unforgettable learning experience that the Fort Ross ELP can provide. The purpose of this website is to help you plan for your program from start to finish, from classroom activities, parent meetings, all the way through your on-site program. Planning a big trip like this may seem a bit daunting, but take heart, read on and get comfortable with the website. It will work out. To that end, we have put together the following list of website essentials that we feel are the first webpages you’ll want to use for familiarizing yourself with ELP, and how to plan and prepare for your ELP. We recommend that you start with the following webpages, and then continue to explore the rest of the website to add more to your ELP:


  • Info, Rules & Expectations – Some basic information, rules and expectations to get you off on the right foot
  • Teacher Get Ready! – Once you’ve signed up, this is were all teachers should start
  • Schedules and Arrival – Arrival protocols, what to do in the event of rain and a list of all ELP/ELDP schedules
  • Teacher Timeline – How to pace the ELP curriculum and prep through your school year
  • Role Groups – Learn the ins and outs of all role groups to choose from
  • Night Watch – Night watch is mandatory, please read
  • Student Curriculum – A student historical overview and questions for the classroom and while on site
  • Classroom Curriculum Ideas – Ideas to help you make the most of your classroom prep time
  • Costumes ELP costumes can be simple or extravagant. Use this page to get ideas for your historic costumes

  • Emergency Protocol – Please be prepared in case of emergency and read the Emergency Protocol!

  • Learn More – Want to learn more? Here are some informative links about Fort Ross.

In addition to these starting points, an excellent resource you can utilize is the programs.fortross.org Sitemap. This is the place to go for a list of all our ELP webpages and more! You can also use our search bar to help you find what you are looking for.