ELP Teacher Contract

ELP Teacher Contract – Printable PDF, v11152018

This contract must be signed by all teachers and must be turned in with your parent and student contracts to your ELP Instructor upon your arrival. Every person who attends must sign the contract as well as the liability forms.

  1. I understand as a new teacher, I must attend a full teacher training before participating in an ELP/ELDP.
  2. I understand all teachers must email the planned schedule before the site visit to the ELP Instructor and Manager
  3. I understand no alcohol or drugs are allowed on-site.
  4. I will make sure parents who smoke know to do so outside the compound, careful to dispose of the butts properly.
  5. The number of parents will not exceed 14. This does not include the teacher or photographer. When more than 14 parents arrive on site, those parents who are deemed extra by the ELP Instructor will be asked to leave.
  6. I understand all participants (teachers, parents and students) must have signed liability waivers before arriving on site.
  7. All park rules must be followed.
  8. I understand I am not allowed to deviate from the program guidelines outlined on the website or park rules. I will make contact with the ELP Manager well in advance of my program if I have concern about a planned activity.
  9. Cell phones are not allowed as they detract from the program. They may be kept in the car.
  10. No inappropriate language.
  11. I understand that only one ELP Instructor is assigned with the group for the day, and leaves at night,  returning the following morning.
  12. I understand that the general public will on many days also be in the fort
  13. I understand if a problem or concern arises with the parents or students, I am expected to take responsibility and take care of the problem. I will not expect Fort Ross Conservancy Staff to take care of these problems or concerns, if they arise.
  14. Please be advised that this is NOT a camping trip. There is no camping outside the fort nor are motorhomes allowed to stay overnight in the parking lot.
  15. I understand that I must stay with my group throughout the program.
  16. I understand that I must have read and be familiar with Fort Ross Conservancy’s Emergency Protocol.


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