Teacher Timeline

Teacher Timeline

Open Enrollment Starts April 15 –

  • Reservations are booked on a first come first served basis. Book your ELP/ELDP on our online Booking Calendar.

At the Beginning of the School Year –

  • Familiarize yourself with the website extensively. Start with Teachers, Get Ready!
  • Make necessary arrangements for the field trip with your school
  • Plan out and begin to execute the Classroom Curriculum Ideas and Student Curriculum as soon as school starts
  • Flag your calendar for the remaining items on this checklist

8 to 12 Weeks Before the Program –

4 to 8 Weeks Before the Program –

2 Weeks Before the Program –

  • Make sure all permission slips, ER cards are turned in and all the FRC forms have been signed
  • Meet with the parents in charge of role groups
  • Purchase all non-perishable items
  • Email the ELP Manager and your ELP Instructor to discuss: special need(s) of your class, weather, etc. Respond promptly to all emails from the ELP Manager and your ELP Instructor so that the ELP staff can properly prepare for your program
  • Email the ELP Manager and discuss any special need of your class, weather, etc
  • Please send your selected or customized schedule and read over the arrival protocol, confirm which role groups are coming, and total number of participants. Remember to discuss significant deviations from the sample schedules with the ELP staff to make sure all changes are possible
  • Continue to integrate Classroom Curriculum Ideas and Student Curriculum
  • Review the Student Contract with your class
  • Make sure you have everything on the Items to Bring list

Day Before the Program –

  • Purchase remaining food items
  • Review the car groups and arrival scenario with your students and drivers
  • Review program schedule with your students and parents

Morning of the Program –

  • Make sure the students have snacks, lunch, and water packed
  • Double check you have everything on the Items to Bring list, and packed in the car
  • Review the car groups and arrival scenario with your drivers
  • Make sure parent officers have all information needed before heading out to Fort Ross
  • Take one last look around the classroom for flag, journals, plants, and other items on your list

Meeting Agenda Guide – Having scheduled meetings to prepare for your onsite program is key to a successful ELP or ELDP. Please use this as a guideline to help in your preparations and gauge the commitment required to get the most out of the program.

Meeting 1: The Entire Group –

  • Teacher/Organizer should discuss the program, the role groups and go over the commitments of each parent and of each student
  • Each person should –
    • Introduce self
    • Choose a group that he/she is interested in participating in
    • Establish a real character name and before next meeting research the character he/she has chosen

Meeting 2:  Individual Group Meetings –

  • Go over the website
  • Study Brief History and Walking Tour
  • Set up further explorations, trips. e.g. museums, historical sites, etc
  • Write an “autobiography” of their character
  • Start designing your group’s costumes
  • Make a journal of some type – start using the journal
  • At home – watch videos, California Gold, Russian History, Alaska Native History, etc
  • Keep researching character
  • Start visiting second hand stores for wooden bowls, ceramics, etc. for eating utensils

Meeting 3: Individual Group Meetings –

  • Students show up in costume
  • Give an oral report on their character
  • Go over onsite expectations and activities
  • Go over rules and regulations
  • Go over night watch procedures

Meeting 4: Entire Group Meeting –

  • Everyone show up in costume
  • More oral reports from those who wish to give them
  • Everyone sign the appropriate ManagerEmployee, or Officer Contract
  • Everyone turn in their signed Liability Waivers and optional media releases
  • Each group report their activities and accomplishments thus far
  • Plan meeting time for departure and arrival at the Fort. Go over the arrival protocol with all parent Officers