Grey Whales, Stellers, and Mergansers, Oh My!

Can you guess what made these holes?

During our last Beach Watch survey of Fort Ross State Historic Park, Charon Vilnai and I (Song Hunter) were lucky to see a few less common/seasonal species (to FRSHP) and a few very common species up close and personal!

All photos were taken February 9, 2018 by Song Hunter

Post Author: Fort Ross

3 thoughts on “Grey Whales, Stellers, and Mergansers, Oh My!

    Tim goulart

    (2018-02-22 - 4:45 am)

    Those holes in the rock were made by ancient sea urchins.

      Tim goulart

      (2018-02-22 - 5:07 am)

      Did i win!!😉

      Fort Ross

      (2018-02-22 - 6:43 pm)

      Correct! We would love to get a geologist out here some time to give us an estimate of how long ago this must have been. The rock seen here is on the bluff, some 30 feet above current sea level.

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