FRC’s Liability Release forms are required and they must be signed by each and every participant of an ELP, ELDP, or MEP at Fort Ross State Historic Park. This includes ALL teachers, parents, students, and additional persons. Moving forward into the 2018-2019 season and beyond, Fort Ross Conservancy will implement a zero-tolerance policy for unsigned Liability Releases. This means we cannot allow any participation in an ELP, ELDP or MEP for any person(s) who have not signed this required form. If any person arrives at Fort Ross without a signed Liability Release form, the lead Teacher of the group will be required to immediately drive that person home.

Please understand that we are a small nonprofit, and to ensure the longevity of our organization and our educational programming, we need your compliance. To avoid this situation, please make sure that all Liability Waivers are signed. If the day of your program arrives and you confirm that someone in your group doesn’t have a signed Liability Release and you cannot get this form signed right away, the lead Teacher should make sure this person doesn’t come to Fort Ross. We sincerely hope that this will never happen, we do not want to turn anyone away from the ELP experience at Fort Ross. However, it will be far better for the whole group to address the problem this way, rather than having to interrupt the program to send a student home. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this policy. And, please help us to ensure that all Liability Waivers are signed ahead of time so no one ever gets turned away from a Fort Ross ELP, ELDP or MEP. Thank you.

Required Forms that need to be turned in to FRC for both MEP & ELP –

ELP Required Forms that don’t need to be turned in to FRC –