Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Anemone {Corynactis californica}

Corallimorphs are not true anemones. The most obvious difference is that their tentacles end in knobs (club-tipped tentacles). Corallimorphs are also very similar to corals in some other characters, but lack the hard coral skeleton. This species is often found in groups, with individuals up to 2 cm long or even more (photo) (average height and diameter is 1 cm). May be colored red, crimson, pink, purple, pale blue, lavender, brown, orange, buff, or nearly white. There are no other anemone-like species in our area with club-tipped tentacles. - Walla Walla University

Corynactus californicus can be found forming clonal aggregates, which cover large areas of hard substrate. They can be found on rock reefs, where they attain densities of up to 3000 polyps per square meter. They have an aggressive nature and may extrude their mesenterial filaments onto other anthozoans, such as corals and sea anemones. This contact with C. californica causes damage to the organisms. - ADW

All Photos by Song Hunter

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