Clerks Onsite Task List

Clerks Onsite Task List

Tasks –

  • Meet with the ELP Instructor in the Magazin and go over duties and instructions
  • Trade Store – Set out and price the items that you have brought. Decide which clerk will accept the money, or tend to the ledger, who will take care of the store, and who will keep the store spiffy, and who will greet the groups and explain the store rules
  • Prepare payments – The Clerks and Commandant should determine the best pay system. There can be individual packets for each employee, or one large packet for each group’s officer with a list of who receives how much
  • Inventory the warehouse. The warehouse is filled with items ready to be shipped or sold. Clerks will receive Magazin Inventory sheets to check store supplies
  • Prepare a package for shipment to the Carmel Mission. The wooden box provided by Fort Ross contains all the items
  • Record activities being done by the Company
  • Practice your calligraphy (optional). This must be done outside on the vinyl tarp we supply. Fort Ross provides materials
  • Clean up project work and secure food trade store items in critter-proof containers in the Cook’s closet for the night
  • Move personal sleeping gear into the Chapel front vestibule – only at the scheduled time!
  • Know your Night Watch and morning clean up chores

Rules and Responsibilities –

  • Follow the Officers’ instructions at all times
  • Obey all safety rules; be very careful with tools
  • Maintain warehouse inventory and report any discrepancies to your Commandant
  • You are performing your duties inside a Museum. Please do not touch the items on shelves, inside cupboards, etc. Your hands-on experience is focused on the items you bring from home/school to sell.

Night watch – Check schedule. When night watch is over wake up Gardeners in the back of the Chapel, or as specified by the Commandant.

Morning Responsibilities – 

  • Pack personal gear and bring it to the Fort gates. Clean and sweep your sleeping quarters. Make sure it’s completely cleared out
  • If your group is finished but the clean up isn’t finished, find out how you can help. Help is often needed in the kitchen! Note that your ELP Instructor will only unlock the trade store when enough of the clean up has been finished by ALL groups
  • Finish up last minute Trade Store preparations
  • After Trade Store, thoroughly sweep out the entire Magazin (bottom floor)
  • Fort Litter Pick Up – All groups line up shoulder to shoulder and walk the inside of the fort for a full Fort cleanup

Fill in your character names below –

Clerk Officers –


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