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Cooks Additional Cleanup

Cooks Additional Cleanup

Washing dishes – For washing dishes, we provide three large washtubs: one for soapy water, one for sterilizing bleach rinse, and one for a clear water rinse. You will need to bring bleach (or alternative) and dish soap. The first washtub should contain hot water and dish soap. The sterilizing solution should contain warm water with 1 tablespoon of 5% chlorine bleach to each 2 gallons of water. The utensils should be soaked for 30 seconds or more, and then rinsed in the third tub of hot, clear water. Please dry all the utensils before putting them into boxes or sending them to the ELP closet. Use ash to get the soot off the pots and pans. It really works!

Caring for Cast Iron – There are many fine cast iron pots available for your use. They are wonderful to cook with and are very authentic, but need a little care. After cooking in one of the pots, it should be wiped clean, using mild soap, never a strong detergent. Do not scour; scouring will remove the natural seasoning of the pot and cause rust and possibly metallic taste. If at any time it is necessary to scour or scrape, be sure you do it as little as possible. Wipe a little oil around the inside and outside of the pot, and the lid to season and prevent the cast iron from rusting. Do not send wet pots back to the ELP Closet!

Putting Things Away – All of the items we provide for the ELP must be cleaned, dried and put back into the ELP storage closet by the group, in its proper place.

Buildings – Personal gear removed, floors swept, candle wax scraped off, mud/dirt swept out, litter picked up.

Broken Items – Please let the ELP Instructor know if anything is broken so we may be able to replace it before the next ELP group arrives.