Cooks Churning Butter

Cooks Churning Butter

Churning Butter – Churning butter is a traditional activity that is quite fun. One half-gallon container should be plenty for your group. Freshly churned butter is delicious and pairs perfectly with warm bread.
How to Churn Butter – The cream will turn to butter more easily if it is at room temperature. Take cream out of the cooler shortly after you arrive at the fort. Wrap a towel around the churn, including the top, to keep it from cooling from the action of churning.  Churning the butter takes a long time, start early to ensure the butter is ready in time for dinner. The crock is very fragile. Please be very careful with it. Place it on the ground and straddle it. The churning action is up and down with a twist of the wrist in both directions. As the cream is churned, clumps of butter will start to form. Churning must be continuous! Don’t stop before butter clumps have formed. Once you have a good amount of these clumps, you can strain the butter from the buttermilk. We recommend you save the buttermilk for the Cooks to taste or add to your other dishes. 



Supplies to bring to Colony Ross –

  • Half-gallon of Heavy Cream
  • Cheesecloth or other cloth for straining butter
  • Dishcloth to help with the splashing
  • Optional to flavor your butter – salt, herbs
    • Note – If your Company has a Gardeners or Gatherers group, you might see if they will be gathering herbs for the Cooks

Provided by Colony Ross –

  • Churn
  • Instructions provided by your ELP Instructor. However, it helps with timing if the teacher or Cook Officers are familiar with butter churning.