Cooks Onsite Task List


  • Organize pots, pans and cooking materials in your outdoor kitchen area. Look at your schedule and chosen recipes, and decide as a group how to time your meal prep and serving 
  • To churn butter,  put cream out right away to warm. Start early, as it takes a few hours to churn
  • Prepare snack to serve
  • Prepare dinner meal. Dinner should be ready at the time specified on your schedule
  • Time permitting and after all meal preparation is complete, make beeswax. ELP Instructor supplies materials for candles
  • Move personal sleeping gear into front of the Kuskov House – only at the scheduled time!
  • Know your Night Watch and morning clean up chores 
  • Return kitchen equipment neatly to the proper place in the ELP closet. Please be sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and dried, and spider pots are washed inside and out and lightly coated with oil before returning  to the storeroom. 
  • Fires – The militia crew will help the cooks by building the cooking fires. Cooks maintain the fires once the militia takes leave from the kitchen. Officers keep your fires moderate. Too much heat will cook your food too fast. 
  • Hand washing – Place hand soap and hand towels near the “running stream” (faucet) for the Company
  • Hot Dish Water – is provided by building a nice fire under the big black cauldron in the cooking area. The Militia starts this fire and adds the hot water to the dishwashing station. Do not put wash tubs on fire to heat water!
  • Leftovers and scraps – from the kitchen should be put in the compost bin and taken to the garden compost pile before nightfall by the gardeners, or other selected group. Do not put food in the trash cans! Trash – There are two trash barrels nearby. One for garbage and one for recycling. Please do not overfill the trash cans. If they are full, ask for a new trash bag or use the extra that is in the bottom of the can
  • Recycling – We ask that you take home the recyclables — glass, plastic and aluminum

Rules and Responsibilities –

  • Follow the Officers’ instructions at all times
  • Obey all safety rules; be especially careful with knives, axes and fire
  • Keep the kitchen area as neat and clean as possible. Store all food stuffs in closed, critter-proof containers and leave in the ELP Closet overnight.
  • Wash hands before and after handling food

Night watch – Check Schedule. Wake up Artisans in the back of the Kuskov House for next watch, or as specified by the Commandant.

Morning Responsibilities

  • Prepare and serve breakfast
  • Clean Kitchen with help from Hunters and others
  • Pack personal gear and bring it to the fort gates, and completely clear out sleeping quarters and make ready for the Park’s day visitors
  • Remove litter, make sure wax is off tables and floors, wash and dry tablecloths in the Officers’ Barracks
  • If your group is finished and another is not, find out how you can help
  • Fort Litter Pick Up – All groups line up shoulder to shoulder and walk the inside of the fort for a full Fort cleanup

Fill in your character names below –

Cook Officers –                                                      


Cook Employees –