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Emergency Protocol

Emergency Protocol

Calling For Help –

  • For Any Emergency Dial 911
  • Or Call NORCOM (916) 358-0333—local emergency 911 dispatch center which will contact nearby first responders
  • There is a phone for emergency use in the ELP Instructor’s Office, in the Officers’ Barracks building
  • ELP Instructor’s Office Phone #: (707) 847-3286
  • For any medical emergency, please stay on site and call 911. Do not try to drive injured persons to a hospital — we are 1.5 hours away!
  • Daytime Medical or Fire Emergency – If there is an emergency while the ELP Instructor is present, alert them. If not call 911 directly
  • Nighttime Medical or Fire Emergency – If there is an emergency during the night, or when there is no ELP Instructor present, call 911. The Timber Cove Volunteer Fire Department and State Park personnel will respond
  • Non-emergency Medical Help –
    • RCMS (Redwood Coast Medical Services) – 8 am – 6 pm (707) 884-4005. A 45 minute drive north, in Gualala
    • Russian River Health Center – (707) 869-2849. A 40 minute drive south, in Guerneville
  • Please note Fort Ross Conservancy staff are prohibited from providing medical assistance

In Case of Fire –

  • Make sure all children are safely away from the fort compound and under the supervision of adults. Meeting in the safety of the open field is a good idea, another option is to go to the Sandy Cove Beach
  • Fire Extinguishers – Are located at the main entryways of all buildings in the Fort Compound
  • Fire Hoses – Are located in the long box next to the well in the center of the Fort Compound, outside the front gate, and at each side of the compound

Fort Ross Address Info –

  • 19005 Coast Highway One, Jenner CA 95450
  • The closest cross street is Fort Ross Road
  • We are 12 miles north of Jenner and 3 miles south of Timber Cove Road

Never block roads, trails or Fort entrances with vehicles. Cars should remain in the upper parking lot and only be driven to the Fort Compound for unloading gear on arrival and loading gear on departure. This is a safety issue. Violators may be ticketed.