Morning Clean Up Checklist

Morning Clean Up Checklist

The following checklist is for the teacher’s use only.  Clean-up must be completed on time so that you may fit in whatever else you wish to do before you depart for home. The teacher must ensure Fort Ross is ship-shape. Each role group has their own clean up list – please make sure the officers have a printed copy of their clean up lists with them.

Teacher –

  • Walk grounds for litter/personal gear
  • Report any damaged or broken items
  • Make sure role groups and all students stay on task and schedule!

Artisans –

  • Remove personal gear
  • Sweep floors well at the back of the Kuskov House
  • Pick up litter
  • Put away all tools
  • Sweep Officers Barracks towards the end of the morning, wipe tables down, fold tablecloths
  • Retrieve and return all candle and battery lanterns (dry) to ELP closet
  • Make sure all ELP gear is dry and put away in ELP closet
  • Clean and organize Game Bag

Militia –

  • Clean seven-sided Blockhouse
  • Remove personal gear
  • Sweep floors well
  • Pick up litter
  • Re-stack firewood
  • Rake around fire pit and wood pile
  • Pick up any foil or non-burnable debris in fire pits
  • Sweep/clean off fire-pit bricks
  • Make sure some dry wood and kindling is left under brick oven/”pechka” in Officer’s Barracks
  • Inspect all buildings to ensure all are swept and tidy, and that no brooms, dustpans or personal belongings are left behind.  Report to role groups if tasks unfinished
  • Give Company Census to ELP Instructor

Cooks –

  • Clean front of Kuskov House
  • Remove personal gear
  • Sweep floors well
  • Check for litter
  • Continue with breakfast and cleanup
  • Package food for the trip home
  • Start preparing lunch

Hunters –

  • Clean eight-sided Blockhouse
  • Remove personal gear
  • Floors well swept
  • Pick up litter
  • Wash pots, pans then wash tubs and detail out the kitchen area
  • Add water to big spider pot for hot dish water as needed
  • Wash down outside serving tables

Clerks –

  • Remove personal gear from sleeping area
  • Set up Trade Store
  • Sweep and tidy the magazin after Trade Store
  • Return all gear

Gardeners/Gatherers – If there are no Gardeners or Gatherers, these items must be reassigned to another group.

  • Clean entire Chapel
  • Remove personal gear
  • Sweep floors well
  • Litter picked up
  • After lunch, take compost to the garden, wash tub with soap and water

When employees are done with their group tasks, have them check in with the ELP Instructor for further clean-up as needed.