Night Watch

Night Watch

Night watch is an integral part of the ELP and it is mandatory. Surrounded by the coastal night and sounds, students can imagine what it must have been like at the fort in the “old days.” This quiet period often becomes a time of reflection, and an onsite night watch log is available to record any thoughts the students may have while on the night watch. It’s suggested that your students may also bring their own journal to write in at night watch. Parents must sleep in the same area as their assigned group so they can get the group to watch duty quickly and quietly.

Lanterns – Each role group will have one battery-powered lantern (for inside the buildings) plus a candle lantern (for outside the buildings only).

Night Watch Duties 

  • Keep the fire going – a small fire is all that is necessary
  • Keep the teapot filled with water
  • Write in night watch log
  • Walk the perimeter of the fort as a group
  • To pass the time, quietly play checkers, staves, cards or your class games
  • Clean up your mess when your watch is over. Secure food from raccoons. Keep all outside doors closed
  • Wake the next group as quietly and quickly as possible
  • Notify the teacher in case of any kind of problem

Night Watch Reminders 

  • Each employee will be accompanied by an officer at all nighttime activities
  • At no time should students wander off alone
  • Block the privy doors with a piece of wood to prevent them from slamming
  • Each person gets one hot drink and a cookie or two (as provided by the Cooks)
  • Students should not play with candles
  • The First Aid Kit will be kept at the kitchen area. Emergency phone is in ELP Instructors office

Night Watch Game Bag 

Night Watch Schedule and Sleeping Arrangement – Night watch is important for the safety of the fort and the group. The following schedule is for an all-group night watch. The sleeping arrangements described work well for waking one watch group while not disturbing others. Militia will start fires for breakfast and coffee before their watch ends.