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Trail Maps

Trail Maps

Hiking and exploring the beautiful grounds at Fort Ross State Historic Park are often an important part of the ELP experience. Use the following trail maps to help get oriented and find your way around. Feel free to print these maps out and bring them with you to Metini / Fort Ross. Use the ELP sample schedules to see which hikes you can plan for and when the hikes should be happening during your program. Encourage students to be observant and practice their Fox Walk skills. Please note that rainy weather, before and during your program, can greatly impact hiking plans. It’s important to be flexible and work with your ELP Instructor to change plans as needed. Happy hiking!

Arrival hike from Reef Campground to the Fort Compound (30 to 40 minutes) – Highly recommended at the start of your ELP when time and weather permit. During rainy weather this hike may not be an option.



Sunset stroll from Fort Compound to the Windmill (5 minutes each way) – Stretch it out and make it leisurely and interactive as needed.



Hike from Fort Compound to Sandy Cove Beach (10 to 15 minutes, each way) or to the Cemetery (20 to 30 minutes, each way)



Hike from the Fort Compound to the Historic Orchard (30 to 45 minutes each way) – This hike requires crossing Hwy One and is long given the amount of time groups have to spend on hiking. This is usually not the best option for ELP. Groups that don’t want to miss out on the Historic Orchard may choose to finish all their ELP activities and responsibilities at the Fort and then visit the orchard on their way home. Please remember to communicate with your ELP Instructor if you’re planning on making changes to your ELP sample schedule.