Overnight Camping with Fieldguides

Fort Ross is thrilled to be joining Fieldguides Outdoor Education in a new partnership to provide our Marine Ecology Program combined with family-style camping! 

Fieldguides offer fun, educational wilderness emersion experiences for schools and youth groups. They are equipped with the gear your group needs for overnight camping and have knowledeagble guides to lead small, intimate groups to enhance student experience. 

MEP activities include:

  • Tidepooling: Explore the incredible diversity of marine life inving in between the high and low tide mark
  • Harbor Seals: how many harbor seals call Fort Ross home?
  • Hike to see the resident sea lions (20 min walk to the lookout)
  • The fur trade: the legacy of hunting in the 1800s on coastal ecosystems today.


Fieldguides at Fort Ross Brochure

For more information and to book, visit https://www.fieldguides.org/fort-ross.html 


Sample Itinerary (2-days/1-night) by Fieldguides

Day 1

12pm ARRIVE AT FORT ROSS (students arrive, get acquainted, and eat lunch)


Students will divide into study groups and take part in a variety of activities including:

  • Marine ecology with Fort Ross: Within their study groups students will spend a couple of hours with the experts at Fort Ross engaging in hands-on science experiments,learning about pinnipeds and exploring the tidepools.

  • Hiking through the redwoods: Students will learn about the native plants and animals of the area and the interconnectedness of the ecosystem.

  • Team building: Throughout the day our guides will facilitate a variety of group games and collaborative activities.

4:00-4:30pm GROUP SHARING of the day's experiences (talk about camp life and rules)

4:30-6:00pm FREE TIME (chaperones supervise) Set out sleeping gear, sports equipment & games available for student use.

6:00pm Dinner served, followed by clean-up (students & chaperones help)

7:45pm CAMPFIRE & N’MORES - Students, chaperones, and fieldguides perform songs, skits, and more!

8:45pm Campfire ends, prepare for bed. All quiet by 10pm

Day 2

7:00-7:30am Everyone up :)
8:00-9:30am Breakfast, clean-up & get ready for the day!


Students will divide into study groups and take part in a variety of activities including:

  • Marine ecology with Fort Ross: Any study groups that weren’t able to meet with the Fort Ross experts on Day 1 will have their chance on Day 2!

  • Coastal exploration: Students will venture out to see the coastline and discuss the impacts of our changing climate and the unique adaptations of the plants and animals that live in the area.

  • Large group games & beach time: On the sandy seashore students will have a chance to play more group games, review what they have learned, and enjoy the ocean air.

11:30-12:00pm Final share-outs & farewell! Picnic lunch to go.