Student (Employee) Contract

Student (Employee) Contract

ELP Student Contract – Printable PDF, v11152018

This contract is to be signed by all employees of the Russian American Company. By such signature the employee agrees to abide by all rules herein, with the standard penalty of one year’s servitude to be enacted upon any violation of such rules and at the discretion of the officers of the Settlement.

  1. I agree to follow standard school rules. I will show courtesy and attention to all Instructors, Parent Officers, and Teachers, and act with honor to the best of my ability.
  2. I will not bring flashlights, knives, candy, gum, electronic games, cell phones, radios, or other electronics to the fort.
  3. I will be careful around open fires and while working around candles and hot objects. I will take care when working with sharp tools and utensils.
  4. I will not touch any of the artifacts at the fort unless the ELP Instructor allows it.
  5. I will walk, not run, while inside and outside the fort, especially on hiking trails.
  6. I will stay with my role group. I will not leave the fort without the permission of the teacher and supervision by the teacher or my group leader.
  7. I will listen to all directions while on hikes and at the beach. I will not climb the cliffs.  I will stay back from the bluff.
  8. I will not make any loud noises between 8 P.M. and 7 A.M.
  9. I will help to keep the fort grounds clean, do my role group project work and chores.
  10. I will cooperate and do my best job at all times.
  11. I will show respect for the surrounding environment, park visitors, parents, teachers, and fellow classmates.
  12. I will welcome others into conversation, games and activities.
  13. I am ready to make the most of a new and unusual adventure!

Historic Employee Contract – In the past employees were hired under an overall contract. On December 14, 1820, the Board of Directors issued this directive outlining the terms on which workers are to be accepted for hunting and other company duties in the American colonies. The terms for this directive are as follows:

  • Upon entering the service this statement is to be read to the employee and by signing it, he obligates himself to fulfill it. The Company will secure for him a passport valid for seven years, and will give him the necessary money to cover the cost of his transportation.
  • When they arrive in the colonies, they are under the jurisdiction of the Chief Manager or the various office administrators, and they must carry out their professional duties or other work, according to their training; they pledge to obey the administration at all times.
  • An employee must promise not to engage in any trading with the savages or with foreigners, under threat of loss of his contract and his profit.
  • Every new arrival must pledge to avoid the following vices: drunkenness, extravagance, quarreling and other offenses, and not to accumulate large unpaid debts.
  • The terms of service is seven years; at the end of this period, if the employee has no debts and decides to return home, the Company shall not hinder this decision, and the employee shall be sent by the first available transport to Okhotsk, or around the world, at Company expense. At the time of his departure he shall receive an accurate accounting and within a month after the journey via either Okhotsk or Saint Petersburg he is completely discharged from service. Those who have debts must pay them through service, and must neither ask nor petition to be released from their contracts.

For its part, the Company promises the following to those who enter its service:

To issue salaries of 350 rubles per year from the day of boarding ship to the return to their homeland. According to the rules established by the Chief Manager the salary has been raised as follows: Master craftsmen such as smiths and metalworkers, coppersmiths, carpenters, shipbuilders and others, from 400 to 450 rubles; boatswain first class, 450, boatswain second class, 400 rubles. The Company pledges not to deduct debts from pay before reaching the colony. In the colonies, salaries will be paid monthly, with up to one-third being deducted for payment of debts.

All Students Must Sign –