Homeschool Groups

Homeschool Groups

The Environmental Living Program at Fort Ross is intended to educate in a manner that welcomes all learning styles. In general, all homeschool groups must follow the same guidelines as any other ELP/ELDP group laid out in the website. However, we realize that homeschool groups are unique, so we have some information that pertains specifically to you – 

Organizer/Lead (Manager) – Each class must have a ‘Lead’ that has completed the Fort Ross ELP Teacher Training in order to participate in the overnight program. The lead on the reservation form MUST be the lead on site for the program — absolutely no substitutions are allowed. Reservations are issued to an individual lead and are not transferable between leads. When reading through the website, any reference to the teacher will pertain to the leadThe lead will be the onsite Colony Ross Manager. Please select your Manager character from the Teacher Role Play Characters webpage. The lead and all parents MUST stay on site throughout the entire ELP session. Leads will want to use the Teachers Get Ready! webpage to prepare for their group’s program.

Parents (Officers) – All parents coming to the onsite program, besides the Lead, will be the onsite Officers. Each role group has Officers. Other homeschool groups have found that parents of one family should only commit to one role group. This is because learning all that is involved for each role group is very time consuming and involved. Once a role group Officer is committed to a particular group they should get together with their group many times so children and parents get to know each other. Parents, for more information go to Parents, Get Ready!

Advice from other successful homeschool groups –

  • Younger students do have a harder time sitting and settling into the activities. Have someone with them to engage in activities if a presentation is too long
  • Older children need more responsibilities so they stay engaged
  • Include a hike in your ELP schedule, so each group has a chance to explore and get some quiet time.
  • Remember all groups will be in costume, in character, and have a plan for role-play and a schedule for the two days. The process for getting everyone together in your group should start months before your onsite program. Four months ahead is suggested. Several meetings are expected and required of any homeschool group participating in the program to ensure that
    • Parents know the other parents who may be working with their children
    • Children get to know each other
    • The program is well planned and organized
    • The students are fully aware of the history of Fort Ross
    • The students are fully prepared and involved for the onsite visit

Please click here to see our recommended Teacher Timeline and an outline of what to accomplish at each meeting. This is an important tool to help you schedule meetings and keep on track with preparations leading up to your onsite visit.