Parents Get Ready!

Parents Get Ready!

The Environmental Living Program cannot succeed without the help, support and participation of you, the parents! Whether you plan to participate yourself in the ELP or support from home, we need you to encourage research, enthusiasm, and curiosity in all the kids joining your class’s ELP. Please read the following links and feel free to delve into any and all of the info created for the Teacher and Students as this will greatly help you understand what goes into creating a successful and memorable ELP or ELDP for your class.

Webpage Links for Parents (Officers) – 

  • Info, Rules & Expectations  Some basic information, rules and expectations to get you off on the right foot
  • Forms – FRC’s Liability Release forms are required and they must be signed by each and every participant of an ELP/ELDP at Fort Ross State Historic Park. This includes ALL teachers, parents, students, and any additional persons. Moving forward, Fort Ross Conservancy is implementing a zero-tolerance policy for unsigned Liability Releases. This means we cannot allow any participation in an ELP or ELDP for any person(s) who have not signed this required form. If any person arrives at Fort Ross without a signed Liability Release form, the lead Teacher of the group will be required to immediately drive that person home
  • Emergency Protocol – Please be prepared in case of emergency and read the Emergency Protocol!
  • Schedules and Arrival – Arrival protocols, what to do in the event of rain and a list of all ELP/ELDP schedules
  • ELP Role Groups – Learn the ins and outs of all role groups to choose from
  • List of Items to Bring  A list of items to bring…Check it twice!
  • Costumes – ELP costumes can be simple or extravagant. Use this page to get ideas for your historic costumes
  • Mail Call – Although not required, mail call is a real treat for employees
  • Parent Meeting Agenda – Use this agenda to organize your parent meetings
  • Trail Maps – Fort Ross State Historic Park hiking trail maps

The process for getting everyone together in your group could start several months before your onsite program — four months ahead is ideal.

  • Review the relevant ELP website materials
  • Strive to study the material and get into character to make the most of your time at Colony Ross
  • Know the general ELP Rules and Regulations and those that pertain to your role group
  • Arrive at Fort Ross in costume and in character
  • Parents of one family should only commit to one role-play group. The responsibility of each group leader is very time consuming and involved
  • Once a role-play group leader is committed to a particular group, they should get together many times so children and parents get to know each other
  • Each group leader should
    • Know what his/her individual role and responsibility is
    • Have plenty of curriculum material as well as the role group website materials that pertains to his/her group
    • Be willing to work with and lead the group in research and organize the onsite visit
  • Assist in creating costumes for their group
  • (Optional) Make a journal
  • (Optional) Write a “Real Character” biography from fact; if necessary expand it with appropriate historical fiction
  • Have the name, email and phone number of the ELP Manager and ELP Instructor so you can contact them if you have specific questions that are not answered on the website
  • If your teacher has scheduled Letters to Fort Ross Employees or Mail Call (from parents), please have some fun writing to your “19th century child” and pass on the letter to your teacher