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ELP/ELDP Teacher Training

ELP/ELDP Teacher Training

All ELP and ELDP teachers are required to attend a Teacher Training which is held at various times in the school year — specific dates to be announced each year. The training may consist of observing a live ELP session from start to finish, including an overnight stay at the fort. However, teachers planning for an ELDP are not required to stay overnight. Teachers who have already led a Fort Ross ELP are also not required to stay the night. We may also provide a training that doesn’t consist of shadowing a live ELP, but instead you spend the whole training with ELP staff touring the Fort and going through program details and questions.

Teachers may NOT send a substitute to the training. If a teacher cannot be at the training before their session, she/he will not be able to participate in the program.

Returning teachers are not required to stay the night, however they are required to attend again as a refresher every four years.

We highly recommend teachers bring at least one or two parents or aides with them to the training so they can provide knowledgeable assistance in the classroom and while their class is on site. Before arriving at the training, please communicate with the ELP Manager, confirming your planned attendance and whether or not you (and your parents and aides) will be wanting meals included. Please note some trainings may not include the option to buy prepared meals.

Please be prepared to fully participate. The pace is fast and active at times, and at other times more reflective, with discussions that linger. Our goal is to have you feel confident in your ability to carry out your program preparations and your program on site — to bring your class to Metini / Fort Ross for a safe and wonderful experience. We are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying a fun, learning experience! Please email Charon Vilnai at with any questions.

Training Fees – Make checks out to FRC-ELP. Training Fees will be added to your final invoice.

  • Teachers and parent aides without meals: $30/person
  • Teachers and parent aides with meals (when available): $45/person – This includes dinner the first night, light breakfast the next morning and snacks (please bring a bag lunch)

Here is a list of things to bring to the workshop –

  • A sun hat for warm weather, a wool cap for cool weather
  • Sleeping bag and pad (you will be sleeping on hard wooden floors inside the fort buildings)
  • A bag lunch for the first day
  • For anyone opting out of having meals included: Food for dinner, breakfast, and snacks
  • All Eating Utensils–cup and/or water bottle, plate, bowl, knife, fork and spoon
  • Clothes for both warm and cold weather
  • Sunscreen
  • A flashlight
  • A writing pad and writing implements for note taking
  • Recommended – Bring printouts of the activity group pdfs and other webpages you’d like to review with your trainers.
  • (Optional) A Pad to sit on while on our hard wooden benches
  • (Optional) funds for curriculum material you might purchase in the bookshop