Environmental Living Day Program at Fort Ross

An Environmental Living Day Program (ELDP) is for those classes that wish to come for a full day, not overnight.

The fee is $20.00 per person, which includes students and parents. There is no charge for the teacher. The non-refundable Commitment Fee is $200, which is applied to your total ELDP session fees.

It is expected that you study the ELP curriculum in the classroom, and that your class will come to Fort Ross with character names, ready to role-play in costume.  Being familiar with the curriculum for overnight program is a great advantage and crucial for those preparing for a day trip.

Teachers who have not been onsite with a class are required to attend the ELP Teacher Training.

Follow the information and links on the Teachers Get Ready to prepare for your ELDP.  

We look forward to working with you and your students. If you have questions please contact Director of Programs Song Hunter at songh@fortross.org


Below are four sample schedules. Please note you may only stay as late as 4:00 PM at the very latest.

ELDP Schedules Printable PDF – version 1.12.2018

ELDP Schedule #1 Regular Day Printable PDF – version 1.12.18

ELDP Schedule #2 Rainy Day Printable PDf – version 1.12.18

ELDP Schedule #3 Early Sunset Printable PDF – version 1.12.18

ELDP Schedule #4 Rainy Early Sunset Printable PDF – version 1.12.18