Artisans Bench Project


The wooden bench project is popular at Fort Ross. You should cut the pieces ahead of your visit and assemble the bench here on site. You can paint them here, decorate here, and/or use our branding iron with the RAC (Russian American Company) symbol.






If you want to lacquer the benches here are some tips. Paint the pieces with Latex Flat Black Interior paint before you assemble. (Two coats of black paint on top, one coat on the rest of the bench.)









Supplies Needed to Lacquer the Benches –

  • Assembled and painted benches
  • Color photocopy on cardstock paper, pictures of Russian scenes for decorating. You can use actual lacquer box paintings from the book The Fine Art of Russian Lacquered Miniatures by Vladimir Guliayev.
  • Victorian-style border stickers, old-fashioned animal stickers, flower borders
  • Glue
  • Fine-tip Paint Brush
  • Deco Art Dazzling
  • Metallic Glorious Gold Paint – 2 oz
  • Ceramcoat Glossy Exterior Varnish
  • Foam Brush for varnish
  • Sponge & wipes for clean up
  • Newspaper to cover the work area

Procedure –

  • Glue the cutout Russian scenes on top
  • Decorate corners, sides of the bench with border stickers, etc
  • Using your fine-tip brush, “dot” around the perimeter of the top and sides with gold metallic paint and let the paint dry for ½ hour
  • Varnish the remainder of the box with Ceramcoat Glossy Exterior Varnish and foam brush
  • Paint 2-3 coats on top, 1-2 coats on the rest of the bench, and  let dry completely for 1 hour