Artisans Onsite Task List

Tasks – 

  • Inventory the tools and materials available to you, as needed
  • Complete your artisan project(s). Try to do a project that is typical of the Russian colony
    • No oil painting in the buildings
    • Canvas tarp provided by Fort Ross in Fur Warehouse close
    • (Optional) Ask for the branding iron if you are doing a wood project. Use it on your bench or perhaps brand a piece of scrap wood for each artisan in the class
  • Return all tools to Fur Warehouse closet neatly, wash and dry as needed. Fold tarp before putting away
  • Move personal sleeping gear into back of Kuskov House – only at the scheduled time!
  • Prepare candle lanterns and matches for Night Watch before dinner (materials and instructions provided by ELP Instructor)
  • Know your Night Watch and morning clean up chores

Rules and Responsibilities –

  • Follow the Officers’ instructions at all times
  • Obey all safety rules; be very careful with tools
  • Put tools away; clean and rake work area when finished

 Night watch –   Check Schedule. Wake up Clerks in the front Chapel room for next watch, or as specified by the Commandant

Morning Responsibilities – 

  • Pack personal gear
  • Clean and sweep back of Kuskov House, and the Officers’ Barracks. Make sure it’s completely cleared out 
  • Collect ALL lanterns for your Company. Dry them as needed and return to ELP closet, or where specified by your ELP Instructor
  • Tidy and clean the game bag and its contents. Report any problems to your ELP Instructor
  • If your group is finished but the clean up isn’t finished find out how you can help
    • Help make sure all Fort gear is clean and dry. Help carry all dried Fort gear to ELP closet in the Officers’ Barracks, and put in right place
    • Remove litter, make sure wax is off tables and floors. Wash down and dry tablecloths. Ask your ELP Instructor whether the tablecloths should be folded, and fold as needed
  • Fort Litter Pick Up – All groups line up shoulder-to-shoulder and walk the inside of the fort for a full Fort cleanup

Fill in your character names below –


Artisan Officers –                                                     



Artisan Employees –