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Hunters Historic Regulations

Hunters Historic Regulations

Regulations Concerning Aleuts

  1. The Company will maintain the inhabitant of the Aleutian Islands in their present way of life.
  2. The inhabitants will be governed by their own native leaders and elders–supervised by Russian personnel appointed by the Company. Ultimate authority rests with the head administrative office.
  3. The Company will record all births, deaths, and baptisms.
  4. The Company will provide the inhabitants with agricultural tools and advice on agricultural matters.


  1. All male inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands from the ages of 18 to 50 are obligated to hunt sea animals for the Company.
  2. When hunting on their own (not with a company organized expedition) and using their own equipment and resources, all Alaskans must have permission of the authorities and may only sell their catch to the company.
  3. All inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands are subject to Russian Law and will be punished for violations.


  1. All Alaskans participating in a company-sponsored expedition do not own the pelts of their catch, but instead receive a salary.
  2. The Company will provide: one baidarka, three laftaks, one gut kamleika, three and one half pounds of whale whiskers for tying, whale oil, firearms and ammunition to kill seals for food, fishhooks and lines, two pounds tobacco, three cups rum, some bread and some flour for each expedition.
  3. When hunting on their own, all Alaskans will receive the following price for sea otter hides: Large hide: $5.00 Medium Hide: $2.00 Small Hide:  50¢
  4. For work in the harbor or in the forest, Aleuts will receive 50¢ per day.
  5. Aleuts are permitted to buy any commodities available in the Company Store.
  6. Aleuts are permitted the usual holiday rum ration.